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How The Democracy Project was born: Israel was founded as a “Jewish and democratic” state, but a government proposal to pass a 'nation-state bill,' which many opponents say prioritizes the Jewish character of the state over its democratic nature, has raked up vital questions of national identity. In fact, discord over the bill was one of the causes of the dissolution of the Israeli government in December 2014. What’s behind this drive for a nation-state bill when Israel has been defined as a Jewish state since 1948? And how do Israelis of all stripes want to define themselves? We explore these questions through a series of four documentaries, and an interactive collection of contrasting Israeli voices from across the country.
This project was produced by Ilene Prusher and Shoshi Shmuluvitz, with production help from Inna Lazareva, Sagi Gorali Ventura, and Laragh Widdess.
Additional thanks to Ole Hilgert, Gilad Halpern, Amy Racs, Tammy Goldenberg, Anat Shraiber, Adam Sher, Alex Benish, Itai Shelem, and Laragh Widdess.
This is a TLV1 Radio project, made possible by a Dorot Fellowship Alumni Leadership Award.
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