The roots of Israeli democracy


WWBGD – What would Ben Gurion do? In this episode we to bring you deeper into the history of democracy in Israel, particularly as it pertains to the recent drive of right-wing and centrist parties to pass some form of nation-state bill.

We find out just what the founders of the State of Israel were thinking when they said “Jewish and democratic.”

We also look into one of the catalysts for the movement behind this bill: The Future Vision of Palestinian Arabs in Israel, a document passed by 40 Arab intellectuals and activists in 2006.

Music from the Grand Budapest Hotel Original Soundtrack by Alexandre Desplat:
A Prayer For Madam D
The Alpine Sudetenwaltz
Mr. Moustafa
A Troops Barracks
Daylight Express To Lutz
The Family Desgoffe Und Taxis
The Society Of The Crossed Keys
The War (Zero’s Theme)

Other music:
Israeli Folk Song
Moshe Kovssevitzky – Hatikva

Produced and hosted by Ilene Prusher and Shoshi Shmuluvitz
Written by Ilene Prusher