Israel’s Supreme Court: The Final Frontier?

A general view of the supreme court hall during a ceremony for outgoing Deputy Supreme Court President Asher Gronis in Jerusalem. January 15, 2015. Photo by Gili Yohanan/POOL *** Local Caption *** àùø âøåðéñ îøéí ðàåø è÷ñ çéìåôéí òìéåï ùåôè ùåôèú ùåôèéí áéú îùôè òìéåï

Let’s say you decide, “I’m not going to buy this cheese because it was made in the West Bank,” and let’s say you advertise that you’re doing that and call on your friends to do the same. If that cheese maker can prove damages and show that you organized the boycott, then, by virtue of the anti-boycott law recently upheld by the Supreme Court, that angry cheese maker can sue you.

In this episode, we discuss the rising tension between the Court and the Knesset and ask, is the Court the last bastion of liberal democratic values? Is it under serious threat? And finally — whither Israeli democracy?

Bruno Nicolai – Rive Bianche
Carlo Cordara – Pomeridiana
Bruno Nicolai – Magico Incontro
Mustang – Bossalonga
Ennio Morricone – Ho Messo Gli Occhi Su Di Te
Luis Enríquez Bacalov – Tema Di Jane
Edda Dell’oroso and Armando Trovaioli – Love Is A Woman

Produced and hosted by Ilene Prusher and Shoshi Shmuluvitz
Written by Ilene Prusher